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Cheryl Feng


I am gob-smacked and awed by nature, humans and animals.  I include them in my art as symbols of relationships, love, humanity, existence.


Typically, I begin a composition or sculpture when I hear a compelling story or see some person or animal that moves me deeply.  I will take that story or animal and create a narrative or symbolic story around the subject and from that, develop a composition.


Although my work often includes animals, what I create arises from the common  experiences of life:  bonding, connecting, suffering, yearning, protecting,  surviving….experiences of awe, angst, gain and loss.   While a concept I am working with may be emotionally challenging, confrontational or heart-breaking, I like to make my pieces visually evocative.


Sometimes to achieve this, I include gilding or metallic paints because of my lifelong fascination with illuminated manuscripts which began in my middle-school class, 'Images of Man," a class that exposed us to the art of man through the ages, taught by Mrs. Harvey, who taught with such enthusiasm that I was sure I wanted to grow up to be a Renaissance Man.


Using various concepts and techniques I've learned from great teachers along my path, I create images of the ethereal, ephemeral, and mysterious aspects of our existence.